Skylar was born on March 15th into the Amity faction. She had a mom, Angela McCoy (nee Pearson) was a nurse at the hospital and her dad, Ernie McCoy, was a representative of the Amity Faction in the government. Skylar has an older brother, Will McCoy, who transferred to Erudite and a younger sister, Ellie McCoy, who is twelve years old.

Skylar grew up on the morals that she always had to present a smile and could never show any sadness in public at all. The reason for this method of raising Skylar was because her parents didn't want her to ruin her father's image since he worked for the government. People in Amity looked up to Skylar's father, so Skylar's family had to make sure that she didn't try to do anything that would cause any rebellion in Amity because of Government Representatives.

Reason for Choosing DauntlessEdit

One day, when Skylar was fourteen, she encountered a Dauntless woman who was hanging onto a building because the lady got kicked off the train for being a coward and managed to grab hold of the rail just under the platform. Just thinking it was an act of kindness, Skylar helped the woman up onto the train platform and gave her some spare change. When Skylar went home that evening, her dad yelled at her for risking her life by helping the woman. Since that day, Skylar wanted to leave her goody-two shoes life and become a member of Dauntless.


Since Skylar took a risk and helped the lady, she decided that she wants to be trained to do risky things. So, she left Amity and chose Dauntless


This tribute is an intiate and has not gone through intiation yet.


Skylar McCoy is daring, loyal, smart and adventurous. She always dreamt of saving the world and being a hero. But because of her background, she wasn't allowed to express these feelings of adventure and curiosity. Usually, Skylar is good around people, but she prefers to spend time dreaming of all the adventures she could have. Skylar had a few close friends in her faction, all who wanted to transfer factions on their sixteenth birthday. Once in Dauntless, she wasn't afraid to do the risky jobs that even her trainers were scared to do.


Skylar has ginger hair and gray eyes. She stands about 5'5. She is portrayed by Jacqueline Emerson.