Dauntless Leader and Erudite Transfer

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Danica was born to two transfers, Kieran and Rose Ernestine. Kieran was originally Dauntless, and Rose originally Amity, and so their fellow Erudite found it highly out of the ordinary for them to 'fall' in love so easily, considering the fact that their birth-factions were practically opposite, but, alas, the human nature is still too complicated to fully comprehend, even for the innovative minds of the Erudite faction, and, after all, 'Faction Before Blood'.


Danica was the fourth child of the family, and the second to defect to Dauntless, after her brother Blayke. One of her sisters, Jocelyne, became Amity, whilst her other sister stayed with her parents. Before her aptitude test, Danica wore only dark navy blue which looked almost black, instead of the bright blue that most wore, as it displayed her hopes to become Dauntless. As a child she also studied hand-to-hand combat and practiced her aim through throwing home-made darts at a target drawn on the inside of her wardrobe.

Sure enough, her aptitude test results were 100% Dauntless, and she didn't even look at her parents as she left the Choosing Ceremony with her new faction. Danica became highly popular among the transfers as the first jumper, and also excelled in the physical training as her years of studying and training kicked in, but not so much in the mental training. It wasn't that she was afraid of lots of things, on the contrary, she had only eight. It was that they scared her so much she couldn't react properly. Although struggling slightly with this, she became better and came 3rd in the overall ranking for the second half. Overall she came first, naturally, and chose leadership immediately.

Danica knew what faction she was going to choose from a young age, whilst watching and analyzing the behavior of the other factions. She had always been smart, as was required by her birth faction, but was also confrontational and seen as a 'bully' among the other children. She was a demonic child even in her infant years, and this just grew throughout her teens. Danica never made any friends as a child, because she told herself that she didn't need them, as she would only know them until she chose Dauntless.



Danica has dark hair, pale skin and hazel eyes. Many describe her as athletic and agile, something she takes extremely seriously. As a Dauntless, she always wears black, something that she is proud of. She is currently twenty years old. She rarely chooses to wear much makeup, usually choosing dark eyeliner and eyeshadow.


Birthday: 21st December
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Weapon of Choice: Gun/Knife
Faction: Dauntless
Job: Leader
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Hazel
Initiation Rank: 1st


"Morning Star"


"Serious; determined"

  • Her model is Katie McGrath
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  • She transferred from Erudite


Danica Ernestine Dauntless
-Dauntless Leader - Erudite Transfer