My character, Crystal Light, is intellegent and kind. She loves to learn more and is curious about everything wherever she goes. She loves to learn/read for her own evtertainment purposes and not for knowlege (although she does get more knowledge from reading, she doesn't do it for that purpose). You can usually catch her reading a thick book and can finish it in less then 6 days. She doesn't go out with friends much. She is more of an introvert and would rather watch documentaries than go out and watch a comedy, rom-com, etc. She has a very tight schedule, so to put socializing in the middle of it all is impossible for her. Overall, Crystal is a very smart person and fills everytime she can to learn.

Crystal grew up in Erudite with only her mother because her father died of cancer when she was 12 years old. She took her fathers death very hard and was very isolated for many years. This is one reason why she is such an introvert. She went to school and had many friends that ended up telling everyone her secrets, so she feels that she can't trust anyone. Crystal wants to stay in the faction she is currently in because she feels that leaving her mother after her fathers death is illogical. She also doesn't want to leave her original faction because she believes in what the Erudite believe in. Not only does Crystal have trust issues from her friends, but she also suffers for anxiety and depression from her fathers death. Her mother has a drinking problem and Crystal doesn't want to follow her footsteps. Crystal has had a rough childhood from her fathers death to her mothers drinking problem. She is very curious in how she got there in the first place. She wonders what is outside of the fence and what harm they could deal. Ever since she was 3 she wanted to be a scientist, but since she has gotten older she wants to be a bioengineer, so she can make antidotes to diseases.